Chichi Igbo slams Nigerians after she danced with girl at Abuja club and got embarrassed – Watch her dance

Footballer Chichi Igbo was at a night club in Abuja where she danced with a lady and her boyfriend got annoyed.

Chichi took to Instagram to express her annoyance, writing:

“If you’ve clubbed with me, you’d know I love my space, I don’t dance on nobody unless we are friends n I was told a bitch nigga had a problem with me dancing with his “girl” n I’m like what? What bitch? Nigga your Bitch was prolly trying to get my attention all night but she apparently ain’t got it cos she was ghost.
It’s your problem If your Bitch was trying to get my attention, CHIFIED AIN GOT
SUCH TIME, my time at clubs is just drink dance on my own n out and that’s cos I don’t like drama but drama keep coming at me!!!!!!!
Why such a threat? I don’t want your bitch n if I do she/he is mine, no fucking question asked!!!!
This is why Nigeria will remain behind. Our mentality have to change before we can experience change in this God forsaken country. I’m sorry guys but truth be told!!!!
I wish a pussy nigga WOULD!!! shame on you hypocrites.
How does a harmless girl put so much fear in a whole fucking club full of grown ups n I was just being my happy feet self, dancing, catching my fun, y’all will have to bring me down before I conform to the lie y’all idiots are living, fucking hypocrites!!! Shame on all you bird brained nincompoops!!!!!


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