Cody Harman, woman transforms into muscular transgender man – Pictures

Cody Harman, a married woman who is now a transgender man has revealed how he transitioned to a transgender bodybuilder.

Seven years ago, Cody Harman, 30, was married. According to him, he had always felt like a boy when he was a young girl and knew he shouldn’t be getting married.

Cody said:

“I knew I was doing the wrong thing by getting married – but I didn’t know how to tell everyone. I also knew I was attracted to girls but because my parents were very religious they made me think it was a sin, so I dated guys instead”

Cody was aged 20 when he met his construction worker husband through an internet dating website.

After a year of dating, Cody and Adam got married in 2008 with a traditional wedding. But their marriage crashed 3 years later and in 2012, Cody told his family and friends he was a lesbian and a year later told them he was transgender.

He said:

“I waited to tell them I was transgender because I thought it would be too much for them to cope with. My mum cried at first, but now she’s happy for me. I also met a great community of people online and I realized that I wasn’t alone.”
Cody underwent a mastectomy in 2014 and started taking male hormones prescribed by a doctor.

Cody underwent a hysterectomy the following year and started lifting weights in 2016.


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