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  1. I am young campaigner against CHILD CRUELTY. Check me out on tweeter instagram fb and www . OzzyBee . com. I only want to authenticate your story as my NGO OzzyBoaco Smiles Foundation will love to join to fight this evil called child cruelty as in the Rape case.

    God bless you and your food work

  2. there are people who robbed me my money R200’000.00 I can’t forgive them cos now I’ve got no job I’m a bread winner at home we are now suffering. please help me find a job.

  3. Man of God please I need financial breakthrough, I am going back to school to get another degree, please pray for me that I would be successful throughout my journey, God bless all you do.

  4. Pastor, my name is Kou. Ive been a Christian all my life but I am born in Holy Spirit and holy fire just for a year now. I’ve received some spiritual gifts and I feel that The Lord wants me to start some work such as setting people free. I have questions because I don’t know if it’s really the Holy Spirit or is it a counterfeit. How would I know? Thanks

  5. I would really love to be in the next episode of jenifa’s diary…pls pick me am a genius *i love jenifa’s. Diary*

  6. Being an actress is my main focus…and I would love to be in d nxt episode of jenifa’s diary pls try me am a genius…*i love jenifa’s diary*pls call me at 08151639764

  7. Hello every body greetings to you all, My name is Faith last year i wrote WAEC and all my papers where withheld of which i was already given admission into the university, I look around and think of what to do, I cried all day because i dont want to stay at home for another one year
    One day, i saw a post on the internet by one michael thanking Mr Ben Osahon on how he helped him release and upgrade his result so i called the number that was on the post and Mr Ben Osahon the WAEC official told me not worry and stop crying that my problems are over that he will help me release my result which to my greatest surpprise my result was release and he also upgrade my Chemistry right now am very happy and thankful to Mr Ben Osahon and to the almighty God for leading me to my helper. so any candidate who have this same problems or want to upgrade his/her result should call Mr Ben Osahon on his number. 09030315273 Or 08136476129 thank you very much sir and God bless you.

  8. Am a comedian and i need to be more porpular in my talent. Am so funny and i alway surprise people in my shows. My contact is 07066089441 facebook: holycomedian

  9. Good evening Mr., Ms. I’m Axel young Ivorian artist who makes music in a band called Slimboyz we both me and my cousin and we live in Benin us music has 8 years but saw there the difficulty of country we fail to get us out we have 4 two sounds and video were the music to get by and we believe has our music despite the time it takes we type has all the doors and if like me you helped your children we need financial resources for promotion to get us out helped us that God touches your heart and you made something for your children here are my contact +22997840404 thank you God bless you

  10. In the name of the father and the holy spirit pastor please pray for me and my family my mom she’s drinking alcohol so badly change the situation in my family we want to be successful please pastor and for my fiancé his in prison we always fight for no reason I love him so much

  11. im upcoming hipop musician please i need help to so as to record and shoot my vidios .i have group of regestered members both upcoming musician and we are working on three projects : fighting drug abuse among our youth,planting trees,and educating people on HIV.we need help from well wishers and NGO’s my contact are +254728125715

  12. Hello, my name is OZOR ANTHONY please really need help i have musics here with me to shot put i don't have money please i need who will sponsor me please contact me 08105766324 THANKS: on said:


  13. i want to know if police service commission has posted list of the successful candidates for the 2016 recruitment.

  14. Unfaithfuness at work my work with the people im working with,someone stole an invoice book and all the mess is on me asking for your prayers so we can see the truth

  15. Man of God,i work as a forecourt attendant at a certain service station,all of a sudden an invoice book got missing from the accountant’s office 2days later unknown person came with 2slips for the same ,knowing that account do exist i gave them fuel equivalent to $200 later the following i was accused of stealing the book of which i have no access to the office,,now im told to pay that money to the company.Pray with me that the truth can be known.Darlington,Lusaka,Zambia

  16. man of God my name is Ogene Vincent. phone no 08057339105. i need God help through u. months pass befor i lost my job as transport manager. the prophecy came from two pastors that God said two howo tipper truck is coming on my way. after i lost my job i told my wife father who attend are church he said all i needed fro it to come fast is to come to your church and get the morning water,blas let’ and your id card so have want to come this sunday can i get all this items on ground? ply man of God i will be coming from eleko part of lagos and transporting is not friendly ply help me so i can get all this i love God work.

  17. Dear man of God praise the lord.
    I want to spend time with you and invite you in India.
    God bless you.

  18. being an actress is my main focus in life i would kindly like to join u for the next episode,JENIFA’S DIARY IS A FILM WHICH EVRY BODY IS WATCHING. @09092202166

  19. please man of God senior Prophet TB Joshua pray for me and my family for breakthrough in my finances .I have chronic sinus with throat problem (throat dysfuntion)I have developed dry wrinkled face .Another problem is my husband need to be delivered he has lost his job please pray for us there is no peace no love everything is stuck .pray for me to have a house of my dreams .pray for my son Nelson to be delivered and to succeed in his studies he is doing IT at CUT Bloemfontein .He was attacked by evil spirits at young age and I am afraid that they have hidden in his body .My marriage is fake and my daughter married a devorcee I am afraid that this marriage may not last .pray for Rosa Man of God and her son Bokamoso as well as Paul the devorcee .pray for my husband Lucas to get his job back or be blessed in his business .He need to have a brand New hae that will be hired by the government .pls pray for me make sex in dreams .I sometimes see the deads or see myself naked in dreams .I see snakes in my dreams .sometimes I sèe people chasing me and see myself trapped in either an unknown house or a cage or even in flooding river or toilet pit .Man of God my marriage is an arrow stabbing my heart.My husband spend his money and time with girlfriends .I am struggling .please pray for me to put aside my problems and follow Jesus so that he will hear my prayers and pray for me to reach Synagogue churn for my faith to be uplifted .I am always in house alone praying but it’s like o have a problem to get God’s face .If I am an enemy of myself please pray for me or any enemy in my family making us poor .pray for generation curses

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