Dog that killed Adama Barrow’s son ‘put down’

The dog that killed Habibu Barrow, the eight-year-old son of Gambian President Adama Barrow has been taken care of.

Habibu Barrow died in hospital after he was bitten by the dog last month at his aunt’s house in a coastal resort near Banjul. The attack happened before Mr Barrow was inaugurated and while he was still in Senegal.

The president, who recently returned to the Gambia, missed his son’s funeral.

The animal, which had been certified rabies free, was put down on Tuesday, with a quick procedure.

Dog that killed Adama Barrow's son 'put down'

BBC reports the government official said the dog belonged to the aunt and had not attacked anyone before.

He said the attack had worried the family and they were comfortable with the action taken.

“We thought it’s not safe for the community if the dog was on the streets,” the official said.


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