Erection of Illegal Wall in the Middle of Lagos State Road makes woman suffer miscarriage – Pictures

An illegal wall was erected in the middle of the road giving them Access to their places of work and other places of maximum necessity. How do you expect them to cope ??  This is a form of False Imprisonment! When i reached out to the woman, she was bitter over this. They cannot even access the hospitals again. She even suffered a miscarriage because of this!! We are calling on Lagos state Government to come to their aid. Read the mail she sent to us below:


Hi Vivian,

Hope you are keeping well! Please i would like you to share my story with the world so that government will be aware of the great injustice being perpetrated by government officials that are supposed to help the government in making sure rules and regulations guiding the state are followed.

My street, Engr John Ehizokhale Street off Farm Bus Stop by Lekki Epe Expressway has been barricaded by few individuals who wanted to extort money from those of us(property owners) with the claim that they developed the road. It is not even that we do not want to pay but the manner with which they are making such demand leaves bitter taste to the mouth. The total money in constructing the road amounts N64k per plot but these people are requesting for over N140k!!!!

To worsen our frustration, petition was sent to Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development after which they asked their officers to investigate the issue. They discovered it was illegal hence issued two contravention notices on the 12th and 14th December 2016. Subsequently, we were invited for a meeting in Alausa including the people that put up this blockage ,during the meeting the government officials in Alausa advised the erring party to remove the blockage and settle the matter amicably with us but up till now nothing has been done.

We have made several attempts to reach Alausa and we suspect funny games as these individuals who put up the blockage bragged that they are connected and above the law hence we cannot do anything, that they got Alausa in their pocket.

People are stranded in their homes, our children cannot go to school and i particularly suffered a miscarriage because of this issue as i could not get to the hospital due to lack of access to road. The entire street got completed flooded when it rained and our homes are on the verge of being swept off by flood since the blockage is directly on a waterway!

The only voice the common man has is the media and i would like you to help save our lives from imminent danger. If there is an emergency it will be nearly impossible to get help!!

We want this matter to get to His Excellency Gov Ambode’s attention as this conduct contravene’s the Lagos State Laws!

Erection of Illegal Wall in the Middle of Lagos State Road makes woman suffer miscarriage - Pictures


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