I have broken a few jaws – Kemi Olunloyo notifies Georgina Onuoha

As Georgina Onuoha heads to Ibadan for the great fight, Kemi just wanted to let her know she was and still a Tigress. Lol … Read what she wrote below:

And it's now between Kemi Olunloyo and Georgina Onuoha - Details

“I was notified by tags on this attention seeker’s IG page at about noon February 3rd 2017. I am 6ft 2 and known very well for fighting in high school at STC. Broken a few jaws. In the last 4 years slapped 4 men total in public with 3 in Ibadan one in Mushin as I don’t entertain bullshit. People FEAR me in this city and the old CP says I terrorized the city. Im trying to be nicer now so I did what I was told to do. First I don’t need a whore’s blood and will rather send my #Molete boys to disgrace her and strip her naked videotaping it all then posting it on #socialmedia. I sent alert messages of a social media threat to Mr Ndubusi of Oyo state SSS. Intelligence part. Told me not to take the law into my hands that he still has to protect me as a governors family DSS security protocol. Georgina is digging her own grave. Mokola makes caskets, its Friday and she’ll get a muslim rites FUNERALsame day. Mike Eneji from NPF SARS is also someone aware of the threat and SARS office just called saying that the last time this happened on SM in America one person died and they didn’t want Georgina hurt or killed and would rather arrest her for terroristic threats and get her a psychiatric evaluation. I have registered weapons in this house and they are loaded. Mike does not want me stepping out with anger and wants to come pick me up to meet Georgina and get her help. She has lost it. Her history of depression is astounding. This is not Badagry or Sacramento. This is #IBCity. Many thugs and loyal ppl to me on the streets. The city is on heightened alert bcos of one whore. Her colleagues and fans she’s fighting for may be posting #RIPGeorginaOnuoha tomorrow. The security agencies need her number so they can get her help and talk her out of it. This is how they come from abroad and get themselves KILLED in Nigeria. Mike said enable comments as he may arrest ppl cheering her on. Like I said Mayor I don’t need a prostitute’s blood. Girl you are ON YOUR OWN. Welcome to O.Y.O. Hospital awaits U.


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