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Greenspeer is a legit donation and networking business
Greenspeer is a individual to individual donation platform designed to help people grow financially through donations. Greenspeer has been tested by system experts and has been rated the BEST networking and donation system in Nigeria.

Serious research began on how to make Greenspeer solve the limitations and challenges of all the other networking and donation systems in Nigeria and finally the system was developed, tested and re-tested several times before it gained approval for hosting. Greenspeer was officially hosted in Nigeria on the 19th of December 2016 and Nigerians are already grabbing its life changing opportunity.

What Makes Greenspeer the BEST Networking & Donation System in Nigeria

Everybody in Nigeria registers with one link

Immediately your account is activated the next two people that will register into the system will automatically be paired to pay you hence completing your downlines and level 1

You dont need to advertise or convince anyone to register under you because you only need two downlines and the system automatically pair these two people to you immediately your account is activated.

Greenspeer is so easy to complete because it has only 5 levels and you can move faster than your uplines because your growth is not tied to them.

Greenspeer has ZERO risk as every transaction directly into your account

No selling or buying of anything, and there is no intermediate system

Startup money is #5,000 Only!

How Greenspeer Works

Everybody contributes by making donations and everybody earns from the donation of others. Once you register you are given a time donate your #5,000 to the receiving member, immediately you donate and are confirmed by the receiving member your account will be activated and you automatically become the next receiving member, the next two people to register into the system will automatically be paired to donate to you. Once you are paid and your level 1 is complete the system automatically gives you another receiving member for you to donate to for your upgrade to the next level and so on. Failure to make your payment within the time frame given after registration will result to your account beign blocked.

Because of how SMART the system has been designed the maximum level of upgrade is level 5 where you will be receiving a donation of #1,000,000 from 10 people only!. This way everyone will quickly be a millionaire and on completion of your level 5 the system automatically takes you back to level 1 and matches you with someone to donate to for you to start another journey of a million naira.

Greenspeer Upgrade Levels, Downlines, Upgrade Fees and Returns

Level 1
You donate #5,000 and 2 people will be paired to donate #5,000 to you = #10,000

Level 2
You donate #5,000 and 4 people will be paired to donate #5,000 to you = #20,000

Level 3
You donate #10,000 and 8 people will be paired to donate #10,000 to you = #80,000

Level 4
You donate #30,000 and 10 people will be paired to donate #30,000 to you = #300,000

Level 5
You donate #100,000 and 10 people will be paired to donate #100,000 to you = #1,000,000

How to get Started

Simply click on register with your email, password, and phone number, update your account details and start donating and receiving donations from your peers



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