Kenyan pastor slams couple that wedded with KSh 100 after lavish Valentine’s Day wedding

A Kenyan pastor attacked the viral couple from Kenya who got married on a Ksh 100 budget.

In a blistering Facebook post, Godfrey Migwi of House of Hope in Kayole wrote:

“Happy Valentine to everyone, to the loved ones, to those who are dumped, rejected ones, to the hopeless and to the widows and widowers wish u well. My message to this couple and its just my opinion, first I disagree your wedding costed u 100sh.
Through pictures I can see u had rings in that wedding day, my guess as yours the cheapest ring from down town or kamukuji two can cost 40, again if u drunk water that day u or your pastor the cheapest is aroud 20ksh per bottle …
What i fail to understand if u had a good fellowship in that church why did the church failed to contribute small amount for your wedding?, again if that cake was a queen cake it costed u 10ksh the bigger one 20ksh.
Last am pastor licenced by the government to officiate weddings, I know the rules and regulations, Kenyans laws sounds clear if it’s a church legal wedding u must pay attorney General office 1400ksh, garden wedding 7200ksh, registrar wedding 1400ksh, in the government nothing free.
In my simple mathematics that wedding costed more, my opinion today why repeat the wedding because of those big big companies. if they are real and sincere they would have funded your real life hustle not one wedding day.
To fund a marriage life is more important than one day wedding show off full of cameras that’s hypocrisy according to the word of God,
Last, they could make sure u have good business or they employ one of you for the better tomorrow big wedding or simple wedding never matters, marriage life is journey and not a bed of roses, let me tell u today those companies are selling their brand using your weaknesses and its wrong, maoni ya mtu sio vita unaweza toa maoni yako, Happy valentine again”


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