New Prices Of Sanitary Pads in Nigeria, 2017

A sanitary pad or menstrual pad is an absorbent item worn by a woman while she is menstruating or in any other situation where it is necessary to absorb a flow of blood from the v*gina.New Prices Of Sanitary Pads in Nigeria 2017

Women have continued to raise concern over the pace of increase in the price of Sanitary pads, especially in Nigeria.

According to Vivian Gist Nigeria findings, the Always Ultra which sells for N250 now goes for 400.

From findings, hike in prices of sanitary towels may be connected to recent inflation in prices of commodities and the dollar-naira crisis in the country.

The cheapest pad, DIVA now goes for 230 naira at the market as against the initial price of 180 naira.

The sudden hike, experts believe may affect personal hygiene of young girls and poor women most especially in the rural areas who may not be able to afford these sanitary towels.New Prices Of Sanitary Pads in Nigeria 2017


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