Open Bitcoin Account for MMM Nigeria – January 14th 2017

How can i Open a Bitcoin Account Ahead of January 14th 2017 When MMM Nigeria Will Open Account for all Users , please use the Comment Box below. Thanks


Gud day all

I am going to talk to you guys as a friend and not as a guider in MMM

now let me give you guys a little history, in my search of passive income years b4 MMM, I have stumbled into many investment sites(mostly foreign) I have played many, lost and gained money. I remembered a site where I made almost 3000$ with just 20$(yea 3000$, that is correct, is a very long story). Take note this same site closed after 6months.(it is a get in and get out thing)

but before then I have also lost many to various scam sites. I was among the people that saw bitcoin when it was 246$/bitcoin, today it is over 1100$/bitcoin. we saw it and took the advantage…..

Open Bitcoin Account for MMM Nigeria – January 14th 2017

I have seen websites that open 8am and closes 6pm same day and that is the end. in all these am trying to tell you I have seen a lot when it comes to hunting money online.Open Bitcoin Account for MMM Nigeria - January 14th 2017

when I saw MMM I was over whelmed with the ideology, I jumped in with all force, let me tell you what I saw.

1. MMM has a trend, history of success and failures.
2. MMM technical background cant be measured with any
3. MMM ideology was not copied from anyone, it is the first of its kind
4. MMM gave you an avenue to grow(participant to guider to consultant and more)
5. In MMM you can be a leader(am not talking about Guider, am talking about creating a network you can use to grow an offline business for you self)

if I should start mentioning, I wont leave here. since MMM went on break, I have seen numerous caricature sites jumping from left and right.

the recent I saw was shown to me by one of our brother, I laugh becos all he could see is the percentage they promised him.

this very site is running on a shared network(most of us wont understand) u can imagine, that is a pure insult to our intelligence, is insane to use a shared network knowing full well the site is meant to carry numerous participant.(people are already jumping in due to ignorance) this are the kind of things I will look into and many of us wont.

The question is not *them don pay you* the question you should ask is *who are they?*

MMM is using a cloud technology, that is why millions of us can login at the same time and nothing will happen.

ultimate cycler try to update, just a little changes on their coding, they have to pack up for almost a month, and restructure from scratch(yes my fellow IT guys knew what happened to ultimate cycler and worst will happen to all this caricatures around)

MMM can be doing upgrade and we are still doing our normal transactions, MMM has that technical background …. MAVRODI is programmer and he was among the first programmers that designed the first operating system.

now lets look at the following:
1. who is the founder of MMM

who is the founder of gethelp world wide and his brothers
ans: we don’t know

2. when was MMM founded
ans: 1989

when was all this caricatures founded
ans: 2016 after MMM enter Nigeria

3. has MMM failed before
ans: yes and came back

has any of this caricature failed before
ans: we don’t know(so what experience do they have to handle failure when it comes becos it will always do)

I can keep asking and wont stop

mmm has been operating on this particular model since 2011 and truth be told , during festive period, the model always find it difficult to sustain the rush.

now mavrodi said he is changing this model come 2017, to a new one that will balance the PH and GH in the system, it will be an anti-crash system that we will enjoy for a long time.(many will try to copy him again …watch out)

*this old model that mavrodi is wanting to dump is the same model all this copy cats around are copying.*

everyone is wondering how MMM will handle the rush come January, I was with *guider Cruz* yesterday and we did a little analysis on our structure, guess what, we created a little model on our own that will enable us pay those who wants to GH from those who want to PH from our team alone and we had a balance of +/-11,000NGN.

now as dull as we are, we could do this in less than 12hrs, what do you think mavrodi and his crew‬ of intelligent mathematicians and programmers will do in a month?

I remembered last year when we were trying to explain the ideology of MMM to everyone, there is a particular question people will always ask you which is

*How is MMM getting this 30%*
my friends have you forgot asking this question so soon, 30% was impossible in your eyes few months ago, but today 50, 60 even 100% is now possible in your eyes.(what happened to us)

am not asking you not to participate in other platform but please becareful when you do or you will endup loosing the little you got before MMM went on break to all this spirits opening sites here and there….. *for everything is not as it seems*

Just like South Africa (imposter), numerous platform came out after MMM, today they are all gone….

*be greedy when others are scared and be scared when others are greedy* this is the only way u can survive with online money hunt.

You can learn more about MMMNigeria by joining us here


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