Paying : List Ponzi Scheme Websites Nigeria — 9 Comments

  1. Hello, please let us be ware of http://www.triple, I have observed the following, no support to handle complains and resolve any issue if any arises. I have paid to my assigned sponsor and until now, not confirmed after the person has told me he has gotten the alert. Who do I forward my complaint to? I guess no one. So please, my little advise for now is no one should fall for them again.

  2. the website just launch on the 8th called the were matching immediately within 2 hours x2 ie. #50000 to pay #10000..but stoped matching as from 1pm yesterday …is they any person in the house that got paid after 1pm….may ,God help us ooo

  3. My comment is directed to loopersclub. I was mergedto pay someone which I did and the person was confirmed that i hadd paid but icannot get assess to my platform bbecause every time I try to login they say my eemail and password is invalid or there is no record of my email , i dont understand wot seem to be the problem

  4. Donate 1.5k get 6k in7 days and 4.5k in 3 days for anyone you refer.

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