People can say anything about my pregnancy, I know the father of my child – Mimi Orjiekwe

Mimi Orjiekwe, Nollywood actress, is undisturbed with the rumours making rounds about her pregnancy.

People have been saying that her husband, Charles Billion, is not the father of the child, that their marriage broke up few months after they got married.

In a telephone chat with Saturday beats, the actress said that it was useless defending the rumours.

She said: “What people say about me on social media is not my business. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I know my husband and I know the father of my child, so everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Maybe if they know who is responsible for the baby, they can come up with the person but in my home, we are all fine. We know who is responsible for the baby; we know the father and the mother.
Also, my close friends are in the know as well. It is up to them to say whatever they want to say. I don’t think I should reply such idle talks because it is not affecting my happiness in any way,”


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