President Buhari Not Ready to Jail Jonathan Despite Evidence – Book Reveals : President Muhammadu Buhari has in his possession letters written by former President Goodluck Jonathan requesting for “off-budget funds”, the president’s authorized biography revealed.
Off-budget is the revenue and spending of certain Federal entities that Congress wants to protect from the normal budget process. It spending is excluded from budget caps, sequestration, and pay-as-you-go requirements.

This is contained in Buhari’s authorised biography, ‘Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria’, written by Prof. John Paden and presented to the public on Monday.

Prof. Paden said although President Buhari was in possession of the letters, his main focus in the anti-corruption war was to recover stolen funds, and not to jail looters.

On past leaders; Paden said Buhari decided against probing them, as any probe could lead to political instability in the country.

Paden added, “The fact that Buhari was enlisting the help of international community in the probes lent weight to the seriousness of his effort – and also meant that alleged offenders had nowhere to hide.

“Would the trail lead to former President Jonathan himself? As of the early months of 2016, it appeared that the EFCC was not going after Jonathan. Nor was it going after former President Obasanjo.

“The question of the stability of the entire political system seemed at stake.

“Rather, it was to retrieve stolen funds and to change the political culture of the country”, he said.

Nigerian Bulletin


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