Senator Dino Melaye Buys 180 Million Naira Rolls Royce From US : The National wealth is been squandered and enjoyed by few criminals at the corridor of power while common Nigerians whose parents can’t afford to buy a bag of rice will log on to their various cheap MTK devices with their 10MB gift data’s to defend these same politicians all because of tribe, religion, party affiliations and ethnicity. Dino has over 10 luxury cars and he keeps throwing more at our faces when he knows we have a docile youth population who would rather believe lies told to them by APC/PDP & abuse themselves online than unify to revolt and take their country back from political armed robbers. This is the same Dino forming anti-corruption crusader during Jonathan’s regime.
senator-dino-melaye-buys-180-million-naira-rolls-royce-us-1 Senator Dino Melaye Buys 180 Million Naira Rolls Royce From US

A $400, 000 car in an economy where most Nigerians can hardly feed 3 times a days shows how much these politicians have taken us for granted. There is no difference between APC/PDP. They are all in public offices for their pockets. Lets take our country back by sponsoring an independent presidential candidate in the 2019 elections. – Nigerian Speaks


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