Wendy Williams Seriously Laughing about Kim Kardashian’s robbery

The latest episode of The Wendy Williams Show, featured the topic : The Kim Kardashian robbery.


When announcing the topic to her audience, she started snickering.

Wendy explained – “I’m not laughing about her being robbed, you know what I’m laughing at?”  “Because there’s certain top stories that don’t matter to the world but they matter to us.”

But then as she begins describing that Kim was tied up with tape put over her mouth, the audience begins to laugh again. Not only that, but Wendy later pointed out that it might not even be real.

She said:
“Kim, you can’t have it both ways,you’ve turned your life over to an international audience. “In a lot of ways it’s worse than being the First Lady of any Country…

There are so many ways people want to violate her.Now, you always have to have people around. So, you’re stuck having somebody around all the time because you’re such an easy target.I would hope that they are not making any part of this story up just for dramatic effect.”

We all know this family and they’re kind of souless, you know? So, you can’t believe everything that you hear but this is very upsetting they stole 10 million dollars worth of jewelry and 2 of her phones. I don’t know what’s in the phone that we haven’t already seen.”

Watch the video below:


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