Wike Shuts Down 16 Private Schools In Rivers State – List & Read Why

The Rivers state government has asked 16 private secondary schools in the state to close down its operations.

The 16 schools are among the best private schools in the state. The reason for the closure is still unknown.

More details will emerge laterWike Shuts Down 16 Private Schools In Rivers State - List & Read Why

Now Read the Full Story as allegedly Stated By a Facebook user – Henry Uranta

Mr. Nyesom Wike has withdrawn the licence of several top private schools in Rivers State just because they didn’t attend a meeting called by his office. They didn’t break any law, they didn’t do anything against public interest, their only sin was to not attend one meeting called by Mr. Wike. Whether they got the information or not is immaterial, as far as Wike is concerned, they don’t deserve fair hearing. And some of his apologists would still somehow manage to open their 32 to call Buhari a dictator when we have an actual tyrant here.
These schools will go to court and get their licence reinstated; which makes me wonder, why does Wike always love to waste people’s time? The schools might also earn themselves a big compensation for wasting their time; which again makes me wonder, why does Wike always love to waste our money? At the end of the day, it is Rivers people who will suffer from what he’s done. Our money will be wasted and our children will be denied education for sometime.
Since Wike stole the mandate of Rivers people, he has continued to show complete disdain and utter contempt for education. His first act as governor was to sack the over 300 lecturers of Rivers State polytechnic. His second act was to withdraw our children in different stages of their studies abroad. He has banned free primary and secondary school education in the state while banning any form of scholarship as well. All the model secondary and primary schools built by Amaechi have been abandoned. School teachers, especially the 13,000 teachers employed by Amaechi, have been owed for several months. The secondary schools attached to our tertiary institutions have all been disbanded amongst several other negative things that he’s done to education. I’m sure the whole country have heard about the WAEC scandal in Rivers State. I’m also sure we’ve heard about his calculated demarking of the Rivers State polytechnic. The Universisty of Science and Technology and every other tertiary institution in the stare are currently being manned by corrupt people who have reversed almost all the internal reforms of the previous administrations. The Rivers State sustainable Development agency that was supporting the education sector have been disbanded. I can go on and on…
The governor is a complete disaster to Rivers State education. It is strange how some people still find the face to defend him. The irony is that he’s doing all these things to education while empowering cultists and militants all over the state. How could a man be so cruel to his people and so opposed to any good thing? God will surely punish all those Supreme Court judges who foist him on our dear state.


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