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  1. are you sure triple it is really paying because I registered and paid since and paid #20000 to a guy yet I have not been paired or matched

  2. how long does it take triple it to match and pay people is the scheme really functional. I suggest the owners of tripleit should reduce their bonus to double and add 20 percent referal bonus that way the scheme will become more popular and last longer

  3. Pls I made payment on tripleit since on the first of feb,till now I haven’t bin matched,please help I need to go back to skul!!

  4. Pls come to my rescue and wipe my tear away, i made payment to triple it member simce the 18th of january nd no one has paid me. Is it that tripleit does not has an admin to tacle our problem. Pls you guys should pay me ooog or else u will face the consequences. No body takes my hard earn money and go free, be warned

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